Smart Paster Add-In for VS2008

Just noticed that my favorite add-in for VS2005, Smart Paster by Alex Papadimoulis, is now also available for VS2008.

With this add-in you can paste text from the Windows clipboard into the Visual Studio source code editor formatted as a comment, quoted string, or string builder code just by right-clicking and selecting "Paste As..." from the pop-up menu.

This is just a fantastic time saver.

However the VS2008 version of the add-in only came as source code and had no instructions for installing it.
So for anyone else looking for this wonderful add-in, here's the compiled version: (27.13 kb)

To install it, un-zip above to:
Vista/2008: C:\Users<user-name>\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Addins
Earlier Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Addins

Then restart Visual Studio 2008 and update settings for the Add-In in the Tools menu / Add-In Manager.

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