My favorite software

As of September 26th 2023, my favorite software (besides from Simple DNS Plus) is:

Software Development tools

Software development components / libraries

Server software

  • Certify SSL Manager -
    Software to automate installation and renewal of free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates on IIS / Windows Server.
    Of course it has an option to authenticate via DNS by updating DNS records in Simple DNS Plus :-)

  • Syncthing -
    For backup and syncing files between devices.

  • SoftEther VPN -
    Nice VPN server software.

  • Answer -
    Q&A website software.

Desktop software / Utilities

  • SyncBackPro / SyncBack Touch - ⭐2023
    Great for backup / syncing files / web-site deployment.

  • ClipClip -
    Clipboard manager / screen shots.

  • Notion -
    Notes, kanban boards, etc.

  • Discord -
    Nice (free) service for internal chat / communication (replaced Slack).

  • KeePass Password Safe -
    Great (free) program for storing passwords.
    Storing the (encrypted) password database on DropBox makes it easy to sync between computers and my (Android) phone.

  • 7-Zip -
    Great for working with zip files and other compressed file archives.
    I primarily use this because the built-in function for creating zip files in Windows 10 doesn't work with file names containing non-english characters.

  • TightVNC -
    For remote control of Windows "Home" edition computers. Also does file transfers.

  • CutePDF Professional -
    I mostly use it for scanning to PDF files, and for merging multiple PDF files into one.

  • TreeSize Free -
    Figure out what is using all that hard disk space.

  • VirtualBox -
    Virtual machine software for the desktop.

  • pCloud - ⭐2023
    File synchronization, backup, sharing, etc.

Image / Video editing