♥ my new Asus ZenBook

♥ my new Asus ZenBook
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Just got a new Asus UX305CA. To me this is the perfect laptop :-)

  • Perfect size (13,3") for traveling, working in cafés and on the couch.
  • Ultra thin and lightweight.
  • Fast (Intel M7 CPU)
  • Beautiful IPS display with crazy DPI / resolution (3200x1800) - matte (no glare / great for outdoors).
  • Plenty of room (8 GB RAM / 500 GB SSD)
  • Completely quiet (fan less).
  • Great keyboard layout and feel - it even has F# keys that work without "fn" (as opposed to my old Lenovo).
  • Looks way better than any MacBook.

This is now my one and only computer. At the office, I use it with a USB 3 based docking station, 2 x 24" IPS monitors, full size keyboard and mouse, etc.