- a alternative is a great tool for quickly analyzing a domain name registration and setup.
I have personally used it for many years, and still use it almost daily to check various domain names etc.

However about a year ago became a paid service.
I perfectly understand that they need to finance their servers etc. and I am happy to pay the membership fee, especially since I use it as much as I do.
But a lot of people were unhappy about this because they didn't use the service enough to justify paying for a membership, and there weren't any good alternatives around.

Simple DNS Plus users have often asked us to provide a similar service or tool - or if we knew of any alternatives.
We do provide several free on-line DNS diagnostics tools - see
But nothing as comprehensive as

Today I stumbled on a web-site called "" which provides a free domain name report very similar to
The site is still in beta but looks very promising.

So if you can't justify paying for - check out

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