As of September 30th 2022, my favorite software (besides from Simple DNS Plus) is:

Software Development tools

Software development components / libraries

Server software

Desktop software / Utilities

  • ClipClip -
    Clipboard manager / screen shots.

  • Notion -
    Notes, kanban boards, etc.

  • KeePass Password Safe -
    Great (free) program for storing passwords.
    Storing the (encrypted) password database on DropBox makes it easy to sync between computers and my (Android) phone.

  • 7-Zip -
    Great for working with zip files and other compressed file archives.
    I primarily use this because the built-in function for creating zip files in Windows 10 doesn't work with file names containing non-english characters.

  • TightVNC -
    For remote control of Windows "Home" edition computers. Also does file transfers.

  • CutePDF Professional -
    I mostly use it for scanning to PDF files, and for merging multiple PDF files into one.

  • TreeSize Free -
    Figure out what is using all that hard disk space.

  • VirtualBox -
    Virtual machine software for the desktop.

Photo / Video stuff

  • PaintShop Pro -
    This is just a great all round photo processing app.
    I have used various version of Adobe's Photoshop and Lightroom, Affinity Photo, and Capture One, and they are all great programs. But PaintShop Pro hits the sweet spot between price and features for me.
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