As of April 22nd 2021, my favorite software (besides from Simple DNS Plus) is:

Software Development

Server software

Desktop software / Utilities

  • KeePass Password Safe -
    Great (free) program for storing passwords.
    Storing the (encrypted) password database on DropBox makes it easy to sync between computers and my (Android) phone.

  • CutePDF Professional -
    I mostly use it for scanning to PDF files, and for merging multiple PDF files into one.

  • TreeSize Free -
    Figure out what is using all that hard disk space.

  • Macrium Reflect -
    Great software for cloning / migrating harddisks.

  • SyncBackPro -
    For syncing local files and backing up to the cloud.

  • VeraCrypt -
    For making an virtual encrypted harddisk - which lives in a file on your regular harddisk.
    Better and cheaper than BitLocker - better because I don't have to encrypt the whole disk (which could cause others problems) and cheaper because it is free and BitLocker only comes with Windows 10 Pro.

  • 7-Zip -
    Great for working with zip files and other compressed file archives.
    I primarily use this because the built-in function for creating zip files in Windows 10 doesn't work with file names containing non-english characters.

  • Syncthing -
    For syncing files between devices. Replaced DropBox / Google Drive and backup software.

  • VMware Workstation Player -
    Amazing virtual machine software for the desktop. Like "VMware workstation" only free and without snapshots.

  • TightVNC -
    For remote control of Windows "Home" edition computers. Also does file transfers.

  • Debut Professional -
    Screen recording / video capture. For making tutorials etc.

  • ZeroTier -
    Nice VPN / SD-Wan solution.

Photography / graphics


I have tried many different tools in all these categories over the years, and I can highly recommend all of the above over any competitors that I know of. If you know of any better alternatives please do tell me in the comments below - always looking for better toys :-)

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