Sunday, April 14, 2019

Today, I have released yet another Vue.js related .NET library - VueFilesToJS.

This builds on previous work with .vue file support in the Vue.js ASP.NET Web Forms Helpers library, but I chose to create a new library/repository with a more narrow focus: To convert and bundle .vue files into plain JavaScript - from .NET.

I think that this specific functionality has has broader use cases in the .NET world. The ASP Web Forms and the "Vue .NET Light compiler" stuff in the original library is nice - but also a distraction.

The new thing in VueFilesToJS is that it supports script import statements, so that .vue files can reference other .vue files (components).

This allows for a whole application (app and components) to be "compiled" in a single step referencing only the "root" .vue app file, and it avoids giving components global scope.

Adding this functionality also makes it even easier to move between the .NET and the Node/Webpack worlds with .vue files.

Se for more details.

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